Why Should You Use Quantum AI

Here are some of the Quantum AI core features:

  • Exchange Trading. Central limit order books where users can deposit, trade and withdraw digital tokens.
  • Margin Trading. Qualified users can trade with up to 10x leverage by obtaining the margin funding platform.
  • Margin Funding. The P2P funding market that allows users to earn interest by lending money to other users trading with leverage.
  • OTC Desktop. Quantum AI allows traders to trade directly with each other without having to go through public order books.
  • The ability to buy cryptocurrencies with credit or debit cards. Quantum AI allows traders to buy cryptocurrencies using third-party payment processors OWNR and Mercuryo.

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In addition to its core features, Quantum AI is known for:

  • High liquidity. Quantum AI is one of the top exchanges in terms of daily trading volume of BTC/USD, which guarantees price stability and confidence for any trader.
  • Trading pairs. The platform offers over 100 market pairs, including leading coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS, as well as popular altcoins like TRON, Stellar, NEO, 0x, QTUM, and many others.
  • Comprehensive trading options. In addition to margin trading and funding, traders can take advantage of limit, market, stop, trailing stop, fill-or-kill, iceberg, OCO, hidden, and post-only limit orders.
  • Security. Due to some hacks in the past, Quantum AI takes extra precautions to secure its platform. These include storing 99.5% of user funds in cold storage, DDoS protection, database encryption, and regular backups. User accounts can whitelist withdrawal addresses and IPs, set up 2FA and U2F, analyze suspicious activity, prevent session hijacking, and more.
  • Customer support. Quantum AI users can reach support 24/7 via email. All inquiries are answered within 12 hours, except during periods of high activity. Apart from that, users can use an extensive knowledge base to answer most of their basic queries

Quantum AI Fees Review

As a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, Quantum AI charges trading fees. These vary depending on the amount being traded and whether the user is the “maker” or “taker” of a trade (i.e., whether they are trading through a new order or an existing order).

To put this in some perspective, Poloniex – which also charges “maker” and “taker” fees – charges a 0.25% fee and a 0.15% fee for all trades under 600 BTC. Given that 600 BTC is equivalent to about $8,279,991, Quantum AI is one of the cheaper advanced trading platforms out there.

And when it comes to deposits, there are no fees for amounts of $1,000 (US dollars) or more. However, Quantum AI charges 0.1% of a bank transfer in US dollars or euros.

Deposits of less than $1,000 are subject to fees that vary by cryptocurrency. An example of this can be found below, while the full list can be found here on the exchange’s support page: