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Akquise Traktor

Consulting, recommendations and applications

We can undertake the entire funding application process for you, and manage the preparation and application phases until your funding application is approved by the funding institution.


  • Assessment of current situation
  • Project definition
  • Rough financing concept
  • Selection of suitable funding programs


  • Drafting of project outline
  • Submission of application
  • Assessor discussions
  • Preparation for decision-making

Project administration

  • Project monitoring
  • Compilation of calls for funds
  • Compilation of interim and final reports

Required input from client

One of our basic commitments is to keep the input required from the client as low as possible. However we do require a little input from you at certain stages of the process.

Provision of information, brief presentation of project, answering questions
One-day technology workshop, half-day sales/marketing workshop, answering questions
Final management review, provision of financial information, possible participation in assessor discussion, signing of application
Provision of project information, review of interim and final reports

Your funding check

Let us assess the feasibility of your funding application in an individual funding check – completely free of charge.

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