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Profile of Dr. Ingo Stürmer

Dr. Ingo Stürmer has been a Senior Consultant and Partner of förderbar GmbH since 2012. With a doctorate in IT, his focus lies on funding consulting for software and technology companies from the industry 4.0 sector.

As an external consultant, Ingo brings many years of experience in the field of embedded software to his consultancy projects. Among his other occupations, Ingo is the founder, principal Managing Director and Head Consultant at Model Engineering Solutions GmbH. Today his company is the competence center for embedded vehicle software and technology leader for compliance checking of model-based software.

With his creation of a niche software solution in a high technology field, Ingo gives our clients all-round support as a highly competent consultant and established entrepreneur. His background enables him to grasp economic and technological complexities swiftly and precisely. With more than 50 scientific publications and specialist articles to his name, Ingo understands h0w to present information and break down even the most complex subject matter into its essential components.

In his free time, Ingo spends as much time as possible in the air. He is currently working towards his PPL(A) private pilot’s license and is an active member of Bodmin Flying Club, Cornwall.

In the words of our customers

The funding acquired by förderbar perfectly complements our financing mix, enabling us to invest more heavily in research and development and exploit additional international markets.
Brandnew-CEO and Founder Francis Trapp
Developing a funding application with förderbar turned out to be lots of fun and the results were worth their weight in gold. Our technical ideas were perfectly supported.
Dr. Heico Koch, CEO Trade Machines

Dr. Ingo Stürmer


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