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Questions cost nothing

We get asked a lot of questions about funding. And the more we know about your exact circumstances, the easier it is to give precise answers to all your questions.

What services can I really expect?

In addition to consulting as to which programs might be suitable for you, we formulate your project and create all the necessary application documentation. From project outline to your final finance plan. Once your funding has been approved and your project can begin, we accompany you throughout the project phase and deal with all proof of funds utilization, calls for funds, interim and final reporting.

How long does the application process take?

The length of time for your funding to be finally approved varies from program to program. As a general rule, it can take between three (e.g. ZIM) and nine (e.g. IBB Pro FIT) months.

How quickly can we start a consulting project?

This depends on whether you have provided all the information we need to verify the funding feasibility of your project. The fastest way to get an answer to any request is via our funding check . Once we have decided to work together, we generally begin that same month or by next month at the latest.

How much input do you need from us?

If it’s up to us, as little as possible. In the case of more complex programs, we tend to say four to five days maximum. We always attempt to gather all the information we need in one to two workshops right at the start of the application process, and we compile all the application documentation on this basis. After that, you just need to review the documentation and collect some additional documents (trade register excerpt, etc.). Depending on the program, an appointment with the funding institution may also be necessary.

When can we start our project?

Definitely not before the application process is completed. However depending on the program, you may be able to start your project during the application phase – entirely at your own risk. Once you have received a letter of approval, you will be able to claim for all costs incurred from that point on.

Do you ever have to repay funding?

All funding programs expect you to comply with specific stipulations (e.g. SME status). If your circumstances change, especially while the project is still running, then any funding you have received may have to be repaid. Ask our specialists for more details.

Any more questions?

We’ll answer them gladly! Just send us your question and we will contact you directly.


Katja Leibeling

Project administration
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