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In close partnership

We work in close partnership with investors and banks. This enables our portfolio companies and corporate clients to profit from excellent funding consulting on fair terms.

Portfolio check

In free workshops or one-to-one discussions, we check the feasibility of your funding project, determine the success chances of your application and provide recommendations for funding programs that are worth considering.

Special conditions

Partners that we cooperate with also get partner conditions for their portfolio companies and clients. So it’s a win-win-win situation all round.


The company’s management concentrates on its operative business. We take care of the time-consuming tasks such as writing and submitting applications and project administration.


Employing your own people to help you with funding activities is not necessary. Profit instead from the expertise of our funding specialists, who concentrate on funding and financing programs day in day out.

Deal flow

We are in constant contact with interesting innovative companies that we can recommend to you. From start-ups to established growth businesses.


No complicated cooperation contract with superfluous obligations. Our partnership is based on mutual trust and uncomplicated cooperation.

Your risk is our risk. We only receive the major part of our fee once your funding application has been approved.
Friendly and ambitious team.
Our team has completed over 100 successful projects and many of our clients have been using our services for years. A fact that makes us particularly proud.


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