SIMBA Chain & Alitheon: End-to-End Authentication & Verification for Products

• SIMBA Chain and Alitheon have partnered to provide end-to-end authentication and verification services.
• FeaturePrint® from Alitheon is a machine-vision-based solution for authentication and traceability of physical goods.
• SIMBA provides the infrastructure to enable the omnipresent tracking of real-world items through blockchain technology.

SIMBA Chain & Alitheon Partnership

SIMBA Chain, builder of Blocks, an enterprise-grade platform that simplifies blockchain development, has announced a go-to-market partnership with Alitheon, provider of FeaturePrint®, a machine vision based solution for authenticating and tracing physical goods.

Authentication & Verification Services

The agreement enables both companies’ customers to certify authenticity and take ownership of digitized physical products using the FeaturePrint® system facilitated by SIMBA’s blockchain based infrastructure. This will allow users to authenticate and track physical items throughout their commercial lifecycle in order to prevent replication, fraud or counterfeiting.

FeaturePrint® Technology

FeaturePrint® uses advanced optical AI technology to identify objects via smartphone which are then digitized. The system ties each physical item issued by a manufacturer to a unique NFT (non fungible token) which acts as the item’s digital twin. This allows for real time tracking from warehouse to customer or second hand buyer without risk of counterfeiting or fraud.

Blockchain Infrastructure

SIMBA’s Blocks platform abstracts complexities of blockchain development making the innovative technology accessible across multiple blockchains and services while providing secure data transfer through encryption methods including zero knowledge proofs (ZKP). This provides businesses with secure solutions for creating digital assets that can be tracked in real time throughout their journey from creation to delivery.

Benefits To Customers

With this collaboration customers benefit from efficient processes that improve trust between buyers/sellers and manufacturers; allowing them peace of mind knowing their products are genuine as well as reducing costs associated with manual authentication processes such as labor costs, shipping fees or storage expenses.